(This post is not so much advice I’m dishing out as it is an outpouring of several years of introspection. I am not an expert and I don’t claim to be right, so do not take my word on this. I’m merely offering my two cents’ worth.) “You can’t love another until you can love […]

A little skimpy on the filling, but otherwise good.

1. I hate working with raw meat. The sliminess. The smell. All the irritating bits of fat that took me forever to cut off. I washed my hands with lemon juice and a second time with rice-soaked water. Just thinking of the smell makes me want to retch. This is why most of the things I […]

An all-too-famous picture

A month ago, on 8 March 2014, it was International Women’s Day. As the day came and went, I mulled over its significance and its importance. What is Women’s Day for in the first place? How do people perceive Women’s Day? According to Wikipedia, Women’s Day is the “general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards […]


Although I hardly ever change my earrings, I love necklaces. I often feel like my pendants need to mean something more than just look aesthetically pleasing. 1. Rose-gold heart lock  This was my 21st birthday present from my mum. She wanted to give me gold, so we went to Tiffany’s and picked out this one. […]


I have no desire to learn to drive and to get my driver’s license. And I have gotten enough crap from people just by telling them that. It’s funny, you’d think I was offending them or something just by stating my personal choices. I don’t know why they are somehow so adamant in their belief […]


Before I start, I can already hear the groans. “Singaporean girl, is there anything at all you like? You seem to dislike everything!” But I don’t dislike everything. I just feel a need to find personal meaning in everything or I can’t believe in it. If you already don’t like where this post is going, let me remind […]


I honestly didn’t expect my post on unpopular Chinese new year sentiments to get so many views and comments, and much less to have it be selected to be freshly pressed! I was flattered beyond words, by my viewers and followers and the editors of WordPress. Just last night, I discovered that Journette had nominated me for a Liebster award! […]


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